Sterilizer Accessories

Dry Heat Indicator Strips

Exclusively for use with static and rapid dry heat sterilizers. The strip changes color when exposed to high temperature.

Dry Heat Self-Sealing Bags

Use it as part of your infection control procedure for an added safety. The azure strip turns brown when exposed to high temperatures.

Nylon Sterilization Pouches

Nylon sterilization pouches are exclusively for static and rapid dry heat sterilization. Notched for easy opening. Includes external chemical indicator.

Spore Test Kits

Biological indicator ensures sterilization efficacy, compliant with CDC guidelines for weekly testing, and sterilizer monitoring mail-in service.


Specifically designed for the effective removal of residual hydrocarbon oils, greases, and other contaminants in dental handpieces.


Specially formulated synthetic lubricant offering superior viscosity and protection against friction and wear of all popular dental handpieces.