Coming Fall 2022

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CPAC continues their innovation with the RH-ProVET, a high-velocity, hot-air sterilizer built to meet the unique needs of the veterinary industry! Built on the proven technology of the RH-Pro series of sterilizers, it features the same great benefits in a size that can accommodate your instruments and packs!

Veterinary Specifics:

RH-Pro Series Benefits:

No water

No Drying

No Corrosion

No Maintenance

Change The Way You Think About Instrument Sterilization

Our Rapid and Static Heat Sterilizers kill bacteria with no instrument corrosion and without the high energy and maintenance cost of steam sterilization.

RH-Pro11 Sterilizer

Welcome to the cutting edge in RapidHeat table-top sterilization!
No Steam – No Drying – No Corrosion – No Maintenance
•  FDA-Cleared Complete 6-minute No-Wrap Cycle
•  FDA-Cleared Complete 12-Minute Wrapped Cycle
•  Uses 85% Less Energy than Steam
•  Four Tray Capacity
•  Multi-cycle Functionality