The RH-N95, which was created in response to pandemic shortages of N95 masks, is no longer being produced as a stand-alone unit. Instead, the N95 decontamination cycle is now built into the multi-cycle technology powering the RH-Pro Series of sterilizers.

RH-N95 Decontamination System

Reduces bioburden of N95 Respirators for multiple uses. (up to 20 cycles). The RH-N95 provides a fast, effective method of decontaminating N95 respirators without compromising respirator performance – Up to 100 respirators per hour.

Through the convenience of on-site reprocessing of used N95 respirators using the tabletop RH-N95, healthcare facilities can achieve the required level of the viral kill, while maintaining respirator performance and function.

On-site decontamination will assure that personnel can receive their previously used respirator. Units can be installed in departments, floors, units, or wings of healthcare facilities.