CPAC Equipment, Inc., manufacturer of the advanced RapidHeat™ Sterilization technology, introduces their new line of “RH-ProVET” Sterilizers with cycles specifically designed to process veterinary surgical packs and instruments.

RapidHeat ProVET Sterilizers incorporate “Start-to-Finish” instrument cycles that process instruments in 12 minutes (unwrapped) and 20 minutes (wrapped). Employing a unique chamber rack design, the ProVET’s surgical pack cycle can process 4-6 large packs or 6-8 small packs in less than two hours.

Unlike steam autoclaves, RapidHeat ProVET Sterilizers don’t use the water and chamber steam that requires a drying cycle. This absence of steam eliminates the threat of wet loads and the potential for instrument corrosion. And since there is no steam generating equipment and pressure chamber used in a ProVET sterilizer, the frequency of sterilizer repair and the extensive maintenance of these items is eliminated.

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