Our largest veterinary tabletop sterilizer is capable of processing 3.5″ thick surgical packs!

Low-Temperature sterilization adds significant flexibility to any practice’s sterilization routine.

Recognizing the need for a low-temperature cycle for heat-sensitive veterinary devices, CPAC has incorporated universal processing versatility into its RH-ProVET-11 and RH-ProVET-9 Sterilizers. The new low-temperature cycle processes devices and instruments that are known or could potentially become degraded by a traditional standard high-temperature cycle of 375°F. Additionally, this level of temperature control, combined with a waterless sterilization environment, maximizes the life-span of valuable instruments and textiles.

  • Sterilization cycles for wrapped and unwrapped veterinary instruments.
  • Processes 4 large surgical packs (@ 1.2 kg per pack) or up to 8 small surgical packs (@0.7kg/pack) in 150 minutes
  • Absence of steam eliminates lengthy waiting for packs to dry before use.


No drying cycle

 Steam sterilizer dry cycles do not thoroughly dry surgical packs  creating the potential for  environmental contamination that  can threaten the patient.

No water

Steam sterilizer water reservoirs  have to be cleaned and rinsed  weekly to prevent bacterial and  biofilm buildup.

No extensive maintenance/repairs

Steam sterilizers can require up to 15 times more preventative and corrective maintenance than the user-friendly ProVET sterilizer.