Affordable Manually-Controlled Sterilization for All Metal and Steam Sensitive Instruments

Cut costs without sacrificing quality. SteriDent sterilizers have a low purchase and operating cost. Requiring no routine cleaning, no harsh chemicals, and no water means operating costs remain low while also providing sterilized instruments without pitting, dulling, or corrosion.

The SteriDent does not require water, steam, nor chemicals. require a dry cycle. corrode, pit, or dull instruments.

Frequently Asked Question

HVHA dry heat sterilization employs uniform, high velocity hot air (375° F) within the sterilization chamber that allows rapid heat transfer for maximizing microbial kill. Unlike static dry heat sterilizers which rely on gravity or low velocity fans to distribute heated air, RapidHeat sterilizers employ HVHA that can sterilize instruments in minutes rather than hours required for static dry heat sterilization.