The RH-Pro9’s small size means it fits in most dental cabinets while still featuring three instrument trays to handle your sterilization needs.


Unit Size (OD)19.6" W x 17.5" D x 13.3" H
498 mm x 445 mm x 338 mm
Chamber Size (ID)9.5”W x 15.6”D x 7.85”H,
241mm x 396mm x 199mm
Weight60 lbs (27 Kg)
Instrument Tray7.3”W x 12”D x 0.85”H
Electrical110-120V, 60Hz, 1400 Watts warm up,
300 Watts operating
220-240V, 50Hz, 1400 Watts warm up,
200 Watts operating
Sterilization Temperature375º Fahrenheit (190º Celsius)
WarrantyThree years (parts and labor)
SafetyMeets Requirements of U.S. Electrical Safety Standards.

The Industry’s Most Efficient Sterilizer

(now in a convenient cabinet-ready size)

The RH-Pro family is a proven advancement in “RapidCycle” sterilization. Our RH-Pro11 tabletop sterilizer has been raising sterilization efficiency levels since its release. Now, we have taken that cutting edge technology and made it small enough to fit inside a cabinet! The RH-Pro9, like our larger RH-Pro11, uses Cutting-Edge HVHA (High-Velocity Hot Air) technology to provide the fastest instrument turnaround of any FDA-Cleared sterilization technology. No steam or water means no lengthy drying cycle with longer instrument life free of corrosion.

For Healthcare, the RH-Pro9 can Eliminate Immediate-Use Steam Sterilization, shortened cycles, work-arounds, and Joint Commission scrutiny!

The RH-Pro9 Advantage

  • FDA-Cleared 6 Minute Cycles (Unwrapped)
  • FDA-Cleared 12 Minute Cycles (Wrapped)
  • Smaller Cabinet-Ready Size (1163 Cubic Inches)
  • Uses 85% Less Energy Than Steam
  • Non-Corrosive Sterilizer Environment
  • Full 3-Year Warranty
  • Waterless Sterilization with No Chemicals
  • Convenient Smaller Size -- Three Instrument Trays

Sterilization Times

  • Cycle 1 – 6 minutes for unwrapped instruments
  • Cycle 2 – 8 minutes for hand pieces and medical drills
  • Cycle 3 – 12 minutes for wrapped instruments

RH-Pro9 Sterilizer Accessories