RapidHeat ™ – A Revolutionary  advancement in Thermal Sterilization

This technology evolved from NASA’s early research to discover the best efficacious and non-destructive decontamination technology for spacecraft.

RapidHeat offers healthcare providers a faster, waterless, chemical free, low maintenance alternative in the sterile processing of medical and dental instruments.

RapidHeat sterilization technology utilizes an advanced proprietary form of circulating “High-Velocity Hot Air” (HVHA) in a sealed chamber at the rate of 200-300 air exchanges per minute. Due to the uniform distribution of HVHA, a RapidHeat sterilizer can process wrapped or unwrapped medical and dental instrumentation with greater efficiency in as little as 6-12 minutes to achieve a 12-Log spore kill. To accommodate the processing of temperature-sensitive items, RapidHeat sterilization technology has been recently advanced to incorporate “Low-Temperature” sterilization cycles with processing times equivalent to steam sterilizers.

RapidHeat vs Steam Sterilizers Comparison


FEATURESRapidHeatSteam Sterilizers
Start to Finish Cycle (Includes Pre-heat and Drying Cycles)12-20 Minutes61-116 Minutes
Sterilizer Operation and Mechanical ComplexitySimpleComplex
Electrical Requirements110V-220V110-220V
Water/Steam RequirementsNoYes
Instrument Thermal Compatibility> 95%> 95%
FDA 510(k) Pre-Market ApprovedYesYes
Treatment Cycles Documented and StoredYesYes
Instrument Drying Cycle RequiredNoYes
Potential for Instrument Corrosion from ProcessLowHigh
Toxicity of Sterilization Process (Toxic Residues)NoneLow (With No Water Additives)
Sustainability FactorsEnergy Consumption <10% of Steam Sterilization; No Water RequiredHighly Energy Dependent; Purified Water Required


ANNUAL OPERATING COSTRapidHeatSteam Sterilizers
Useful Life Depreciation$650$929
Labor Cost – Operating$313$625
Energy & Water$15$200
Instrument Replacement$0$2,300
Supplies & Testing$2,468$1,868
ASSUMPTIONSRapidHeatSteam Sterilizers
Useful Life10 years7 years
Direct Labor3 min/cycle6 min/cycle
Energy & Water85% less Energy50-gal water/yr
Instrument ReplacementNonePitting & Corrosion
Maintenance/RepairMinimal80 Hours/Year
Supplies & TestingFDA Pouches, Indicators (chemical & biological)FDA Pouches, Indicators (chemical & biological)