RapidHeat Sterilizer Replaces “Immediate-Use Protocol”

CPAC Equipment, Inc. is pleased to announce the introduction of their new RapidHeat Pro11 High-Capacity Table-Top Sterilizer.

With the Pro11’s fast turn-around cycle, healthcare management can eliminate the “immediate-use” protocol used for steam sterilizers, and thereby avoid Joint Commission scrutiny of medical staff bypassing or shortening steam sterilizer cycles to free-up instruments.

Advanced engineering enables the Pro11 to compete with the Industry’s popular table-top steam sterilizers with 50% more capacity. The Pro11 uses the Company’s FDA-Cleared “High-Velocity Hot Air” RapidHeat technology to perform a complete cycle in as little as 6 minutes. And since no water or steam is used, the Pro11 has no drying cycle, requires very little maintenance, and comes with a standard 3-year part and labor warranty.

The Pro11 RapidHeat Technology has been designed for long-term service and environmental sustainability – with independent laboratory testing confirming 85% less energy used per sterilization cycle than comparable steam sterilizers. In addition, the same tests concluded that RapidHeat Technology’s waterless sterilization environment does not contribute to instrument corrosion that has been proven to be common with steam sterilization.

For more information: Call Toll-Free 800-828-6011, ext. 1372 or E-mail dbaker@cpac.com

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