SteriKLEEN™ & SteriLUBE™ Instructions for Use

SteriKLEEN™ ST-400622 Dental Handpiece Cleaner

For the removal of residual hydrocarbon oils, greases and other contaminants in previously used dental handpieces prior to the first use and application of SteriLUBE™ Dental Handpiece Lubricant. New handpiece components and bearings are typically coated with a hydrocarbon-based rust preventative oil as a preservative against corrosion during storage. This preservative coating must be removed from new handpieces using SteriKLEEN prior to the initial application of SteriLUBE.

1. Fit SteriKLEEN aerosol can with appropriate handpiece nozzle tip.
2. With the handpiece head in a downward position, spray into the handpiece drive airline port for 2 seconds and spray until expelled fluid is clear.
3. With the head tilted downward while cupping with a paper towel, run the handpiece at normal speeds for 10-15 seconds purging excess cleaner, repeating until all debris is expelled.
4. Wipe down and dry the handpiece completely before application of SteriLUBE Lubricant.
5. Periodic applications of SteriKLEEN are advisable when water flushing is not effective in removing patient debris prior to lubrication/sterilization between patients.

SteriLUBE™ ST-400621 Dental Handpiece Lubricant

High-Performance PFPE Lubricant offering “Superior Viscosity and Protection” against friction and wear when following CDC guidelines and used consistently between patients. SteriLUBE is a NonNutrient Food Grade Synthetic Lubricant with High-Temperature Stability, ideally suited for steam
and RapidHeat™ High-Velocity Hot Air sterilizers

1. Handpieces must be thoroughly purged of all previous lubricants and other contaminants using SteriKLEEN Handpiece Cleaner prior to application of SteriLUBE Handpiece Lubricant.
2. Apply 2-3 drops of SteriLUBE Dental Handpiece Lubricant into drive airline port.
3. Run handpiece at normal speeds to expel any excess lubricant with the head tilted downward, cupping with a paper towel.
4. Repeat application if expelled lubricant is discolored and not clear.
5. Wipe down the handpiece and sterilize.

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