Tabletop RH System Decontaminates N95 Masks

CPAC Equipment, Inc., Leicester, New York is currently manufacturing the RH-N95 Decontamination System to help the Healthcare Industry overcome and alleviate their N95 Mask shortages. Through the convenience of on-site reprocessing of used masks using a tabletop RH-N95, Healthcare facilities can be assured that they are achieving coronavirus kill at 6 Log10 or greater while maintaining mask performance and function.

In following FDA’s Enforcement Policy during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency CPAC has repurposed their RapidHeat™ High-Velocity Hot Air (HVHA) Sterilizer to reprocess N95 Respirator masks. Published reports and peer-reviewed literature have demonstrated that dry heat processing is the preferred method for assuring both viral inactivation and N95 respirator performance in order to achieve the optimum number of reuses.

The features of the RH-N95 Decontamination System:
  • Low Temperature @ 155°F
  • 30-Minute Cycles
  • No Chemicals or Steam
  • No Drying or Aeration
  • Energy Efficient
  • Easy Touch Screen Operation

Dr. Nelson Slavik, Senior Microbiologist of CPAC has prepared a comprehensive report on the research of N95 Respirator Decontamination and the use of CPAC’s RapidHeat RH-N95 HVHA Technology.

Statement on the permitted use of the RH-N95 for N95 respirator disinfection under FDA emergency authority.

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