Client Testimonials

Here’s what some of our clients have to say about using our products in their offices.

I work for Gary L. Jennings DMD as an orthodontic assistant.  He has a very busy practice!!!  We have done business with CPAC for years.  When our last sterilizer went down and we were in the market looking for a new one I researched  several sterilizers.  I of course came back to CPAC.  The RH-Pro 11 was brand new to the market.  It was so much larger than our last sterilizer.  It was so hard to keep up in sterilization until we bought the RH-Pro11.  We purchased it on 6-4-2019.   It has definitely been an added plus to our sterilizing process.   There are no regrets on making this purchase.  This office has nothing but high regards to the employees at CPAC and their equipment.

Jennings Orthodontics

We are a busy Orthodontic office, and the rapid turnover of sterilized instruments in a timely fashion saves valuable staff time as well as the need to invest in an excess of costly instruments.

Dr. Koch

The ease of use and quick, dependable processing of instruments helps keep our office on

Susan, The Braces Place

The COX RapidHeat Sterilizer is so easy to use and provides complete sterilization cycles in 6 minutes with little or no maintenance.

Dr. Scott Peterson

As a very busy practice we purchased the RapidHeat sterilizer to save time in processing instruments. With no water, rust inhibitors, or chemicals needed we save both time and money! Very happy with our decision!

When researching sterilizers for a new office, I decided on the RH-Pro11 sterilizer. The extra-large capacity makes processing instruments fast and easy, which is needed with the amount of patients we see a day. Very efficient and very  quiet operation. I am more than pleased with the decision to purchase!

The superior speed of the RapidHeat sterilizer turns instruments around quickly so we can avoid the cost of extra sets. The 3-year warranty is definitely a bonus! I am very happy with this purchase.