COX RH Sterilizer Replaces “Immediate-Use” Steam Sterilization

Finally, a sterilizer for fast turnaround of critical instruments with FDA Clearance!

The COX Rapid HeatTM 6000 Sterilizer provides a cost-effective alternative to “Immediate-Use” steam sterilization.

• No more lengthy waiting for immediate-use delivery
• No more validating immediate-use conditions
• No more wet instruments from short-cutting cycles
• No more worry if instruments are sterile

By using a COX RapidHeat Sterilizer and its FDA Cleared short cycle (12 logs kill in 12 minutes for packaged instruments), management can avoid JCAHO violations of “immediate-use” frequency and the temptation of medical staff to bypass or shorten steam sterilizer cycles to free-up instruments.

The COX RapidHeat HVHA sterilization system does not require the use of any water, steam, or toxic chemicals. Drying cycles are eliminated in HVHA systems and with the absence of water, steam, and chemicals there is no corrosion, pitting, or dulling of instruments.

COX RapidHeat Sterilizer has been recently proven by an independent 3rd party to average 84% less energy per sterilization cycle than steam sterilizers.

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