Dentsply Sirona Validates COX RH Sterilizer

The COX RapidHeat Sterilizer has been validated by Dentsply Sirona as the preferred technology to sterilize the mirror sleeve of Dentsply Sirona’s CEREC Omnicam digital impression system.

Dentsply Sirona has determined that CEREC Omnicam mirror sleeves are not sterilizable using steam and can only be sterilized using dry heat, stating in their CEREC Camera – Care, Cleaning, Disinfection and Sterilization Manual, 07-2016 edition: “The mirror sleeves are not autoclaved sterilizable!”

The guidelines of CDC and ADA state that sterilization is required over high-level disinfection when a critical or semi-critical instrument is labeled as heat-tolerant.

NOTE: CEREC Camera instructions warn against steam sterilization which can damage CEREC Mirror Sleeves. As semi-critical non-heat-sensitive medical devices, CEREC mirror sleeves MUST BE heat sterilized if a validated heat sterilization technology is available (as required by FDA) and NOT chemically disinfected! Doctors should be careful – Not to risk potential liability and malpractice law suits by disregarding FDA rules. The Cox Rapid Heat sterilizer has been validated by Sirona as the only high velocity hot air technology that can be safely used on CEREC Camera Mirror Sleeve.

The COX RapidHeat Sterilizer Offers:
  • FDA Cleared 6 and 12-minute cycles with 12-log kill
  • Environmental Safety and Minimal Maintenance
  • Independent Energy-Efficient Certification

The COX RapidHeat sterilizer does not require water, steam or toxic chemicals. With the absence of water, steam and chemicals there is no corrosion, pitting or dulling of dental instrumentation using the COX RapidHeat sterilizer.

COX RapidHeat Sterilizer has been recently proven by an independent 3rd party to average 84% less energy per sterilization cycle than steam sterilizers.

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