Cutting-Edge High-Velocity Hot Air

New High/Low Temperature Sterilization and Decontamination in a Single Unit!

No water

No Drying

No Corrosion

No Maintenance

Three cycles means more flexibility:


High temperature fast sterilization cycle

Low Temperature

Low temperature cycle for heat-sensitive instruments

N95 Mask Decontamination

Special cycle created to decontaminate N95 masks

Recognizing the need for low-temperature cycles for both sterilization of heat-sensitive medical devices and the decontamination of N95 FFR Masks during pandemic shortages, CPAC incorporated universal processing versatility into its standard RH-Pro11 and RH-Pro9 Sterilizers.

Low-Temperature Cycle Options

CPAC has created low-temperature cycles to process devices/instruments that are known or could potentially become
degraded by RapidHeat’s standard High-Temperature cycle of 375°F.

  • Allows user to validate and verify 12-log kill sterilization
  • Choice of three low-temperature cycles
  • Eliminates heat-sensitive device concerns
  • Time/temperature profiles equivalent to steam
  • Three temperature cycles: 320°F (160°C), 300°F (149°C), 280°F (138°C)

Low-Temperature Cycle Q&A

Low-Temperature cycles were created to expand the RapidHeat  sterilizer’s ability to process instruments at lower temperatures that manufacturers have only validated for steam sterilization.

Yes! Many reusable medical devices are manufactured from  inexpensive, temperature-sensitive  plastics such as Polypropylene (PP).  Traditionally, these instruments have only  been compatible with autoclave temperatures.

Selection can be based on the instrument manufacturer’s maximum temperature recommendation. You can also consult with us or use your discretion in choosing the appropriate temperature setting.

Yes, as with an autoclave there are load limitations, BUT you don’t have to worry about mixing  instruments as would with an autoclave. For example, there’s no problem sterilizing a carbon and stainless steel instrument in the same pouch.

NO, Chemical Indicators used for steam cannot be used for our sterilizers. They are unnecessary since we have provided a
CIR™ Thermal Sensor that independently documents the load time-temperature profile of a challenge instrument or pouch during the sterilization cycle.

Yes you can. Steam (autoclave) pouches are designed for up to 320°F., therefore you can use them in all 3 of our low temperature cycles. Just don’t rely on the color change of a  chemical indicator that has been imprinted on the pouch – instead rely on our CIR Thermal Sensor.

Mask Decontamination Cycle Resolves N95 FFR Mask Shortages

Under FDA’s EUA granted during the recent COVID-19 pandemic, CPAC created a special cycle to decontaminate N95 masks that are in critical shortage.

  • 34-minute cycle @ 175°F
  • Assures mask returns to original user
  • Maintains mask performance/function over multiple cycles
  • No drying or aeration required

Please read this important announcement from the FDA regarding EAUs for mask decontamination granted during pandemic shortages.

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